Monday, June 25, 2007

Time Passes

It just occurred to me while finishing Monday's strip is just how time passes in this comic strip. I'm not getting into the age old question of whether a character should age normally or not it's just the question of just how much time is passing. For example In this strip Paul tells us that he's been living in the northwest for a year... I've had Rhapsodies on line since November 2004. For that matter Kate's book tour is supposedly just three weeks long. However in real time she's been on the road since February (I'm still kicking myself for flat out saying three weeks in the Valentine's day strip Where we can all see the joke is taking place on that day.) for that matter I've had several storylines that took over a month to do that all took place on the same day... I know there's not much I can do to get around it but it jus irks the perfectionist in me.

Oh and on a lighter note I have to apologize for Monday's joke. it consists of something I try to avoid that being a joke that is completely dependent on being familiar with another strip for it to be funny. In this case Wednesday's strip 6/20/2007.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Welcome everyone to the new Rhapsodies Blog! The purpose of this Blog is primarily to talk about and plug my webcomic, Rhapsodies but is also to talk about my other projects, my graphics career as well as my numerous and often contradictory (but hopefully informed) opinions about life the universe and everything. So come on in and I hope you enjoy the ride.