Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Football

Today's Strip

This actually happened to me one Thanksgiving. If I knew what my stomach was going to feel afterwards I would have shared Paul's terror.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Museum Sketches

Okay everybody. Todays sketch is from Ghiberti's Gate's of Paradise from the Florence Baptistery. Specifically it is a detail from the David and Goliath panel (bottom left corner) Which was one of the three panels on tour at the Seattle Art Museum. I had seen them once before in Florence but back then I was still in my "Michelangelo is God" "and all other Florentine Sculptors were just progressional steps towards the master's art. Now some time later I am happy to say I am fully able to appreciate these pieces on their own merits and appreciate Ghiberti's genius.

Remember What Happened the Last Time He Called Your Bluff

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

You're Her Little Woobie!

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Conal seems to be the passive one in the family. But then again when Brian is involved do you have a choice?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Meet Conal

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This week begins the continued introduction of minor characters. In this case Brian's younger brother, Conal. It's interesting, for the longest time I merely had him as a note about the Fitzpatricks which said: "the youngest son is in the military" and the instant I gave him a name he started writing himself and not in the way I expected.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Museum Sketches

Okay for todays installment we have "The Triumph of Neptune" By Luca Giordano at the Seattle Art Museum. The original can be seen here.

You Too Mom!

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Political Maps

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Embrace Desperation

Today's Strip

I've been wondering for some time if the whole Dudley election storyline was a mistake for several reasons but have been sticking to it mostly for a mashochistic desire to finish it. But the Poli-span bits have been fun the basic idea being a sports channel that started covering actual news and never really changed their format. (Politicians have stats)Warren seems to be coming off as the conservative pundit in this strip. That was unintentional. What I was trying to go for with him and O'Flahritie was a clash between Choleric and Phlegmatic personalities.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Museum Sketches

Okay today it's back to the Louvre's Roman Collection, or at least the part of it that was visiting the Seattle Art Museum. This was one of my favorites. I really wanted to take another crack at it because I don't think this sketch really does it justice. Any way what we have here is a fragment of a third century roman sarcophagus featuring a Poet surrounded by three muses (Couldn't find a photo for comparison, sorry) I like it because how abstract quality (all the standing figures seem to be about five heads high. This is probably due to, one, Fitting the figures into the limited format the sarcophagus allowed and, two, as we got to the third century roman sculptors began to drift away from the near photorealism of the republican and Julio-Claudian period.

Gotta stick with the classics

Today's Strip

This is one of the many times I disagree with with my cast (though if there was any doubt with Brian I should be institutionalized) I think it's great so many people voted early, and while I definitely see Rachel Maddow's point, I applaud everyone who made the sacrifice anyway.

And as far as the ancient come on is concerned... Brian is not desperate merely clueless.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Election Day Comedy of Errors

In hindsight I definitely checked my precinct yesterday. It could have avoided my latest series of panic attack.

Anyway wanting to make this most important day feel special I had put on my leather jacket and headed to what had been my usual polling place for the last two years. I was very happy to see that where in the past I'd barely ever seen anymore then four voters at a time had what could pass as a crowd.

Now unfortunately my voter's card is an old one that still has my last address on it. While a point of frustration, and something I've been trying to fix ever since i've moved to my new address, It has never been a problem. All I have to do is have my driver's license and look up my precinct in the list. So you can imagine my surprise when I didn't see my name on the list. The volunteer's were nice enough, but in my state of agitation what they probably meant as being a soothing tone to me sounded damn patronizing. They asked if i wanted to fill out a provisional ballot but since I was pretty sure this was my fault, and since I was getting close to having a very public tantrum, I declined and left.

After I got home, I had a very frustrating hour surfing and making phone calls trying to figure out the solution to my mistake. After may busy signals, talking to several well meaning, overworked and clueless volunteers I finally found out my precinct number and that I had indeed gone to the wrong place.

So I set out again to vote. The correct place was at a community center that was even more crowded than the other place. After a short wait I got my turn to vote. The only open privacy booth was a sit down table where someone had swiped the chair. So the price of my civic duty is a slight kink in my back. But at least I now have it over with. And feeling good about it.

That's Because You're a Prude, Dear

Today's Strip

I kind of regret starting this storyline on election day instead of ending it but these things happen and unfortunately my scheduling practices have an annoying... organic quality.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Cristina Pato

After I heard her nearly steal the show playing backup for Yo-Yo Mah on the Colbert Report. I had to check out more of her. See what you think.

Vote America

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And remember Liz Dudley only exists as a presidential candidate within Rhapsodies please stick with your real choices.