Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Museum Sketches

One of my favorite exercises for keeping the artistic muscles in good working order is to go to the Seattle Art Museum (or whatever art museum is handy) and do what I like to refer to as my "push ups" that is to say draw everything until your time runs in (or burn out sets in, whatever comes first) Anyway it's a good way to spend a free afternoon. (Though there is a risk of memorizing the exhibits) but most importantly every now and then I actually get some good pieces worth sharing. So I figured I'd start the tradition of showing a few of them every Friday.

To start things out here are a few Masks from the SAM's very good collection of Northwest Native American art. The main mask in the front is Galukw'amhl translation (Mask of the Crooked Beak)
by Willie Seaweed the other two I believe are versions of Raven though I'm afraid this is one of the sketches I did before I made a habit of including notes about the piece.

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Mark Monlux said...

I'm liking this sketch a lot.