Friday, August 1, 2008


Todays Strip

For anyone who is wondering what EVERYONE was saying in today’s strip here is the transcript.

AUNT: (IN RUSSIAN) And your mother was just beside herself.
FEDYA: Aunt Anya say we passing Museum of Fighting glory is wery famous. .
AUNT. After you disappeared in Chechnya, the family didn¹t know what to think
GAGE: Say Fedya... I was thinking..
AUNT ANYA: And when the army came asking questions about that dead colonel.
GAGE: Look I know the cold war is over
GAGE: But what if they make an exception for us?
FEDYA:(in Russian) Gage is weak from hunger. Do you know any good restaurants?
AUNT ANYA: (IN RUSSIAN) ? And now you don't like my cooking?

Once again a very special thanks to my friend and translator Dorene Cornwall

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